About Us

About Us

Since 1983

Who We Are 

Another Story to Tell 

With many years of experience in real estate market, Property Invest knows that each seller and buyer is unique. Therefore, we take the time to understand your personal plans and goals and work with you to achieve them. During the operation, our PI team will carefully provide you with professional level of services that must be expected from a team of expert real estate agents who have been consistently awarded for exceptional service. 



PI Helps You to Invest in Your Future 

Since opening its doors to the community, we, Property Invest, have prided ourselves on providing signature living in three core areas: Property, Product and Service. We work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure your transaction goes smoothly, negotiate the best possible deal and take care of every detail. 

While we are choosing the development companies which we will work with, we pay special attention to focus on customer satisfaction and need, aim to offer a complete lifestyle, add financial growth to investments, have the capacity of meeting the needs of tenants. 



To Be Your Close Best App 

You are a guest of Property Invest from the day you land inIstanbul until you end your visit…  

As Property Invest, our vision is to offer our clients the most valuable opportunities and guarantee them to purchase the most valuable and competitive options. 

We have been growing day by day with its expert executives and with its consultancy team who will work on your behalf to look after your properties as if you were here. 

Our priority is here to help you to achieve your financial goals while creating a long-lasting professional bond. 



Our company Property Invest has been established in order to assist the foreign clients who want to purchase a property in Turkey, with a team who is very successful, experienced and consists of motivated people. Undoubtedly, the clearest difference between us and the other companies which work in the same field is our determination to make your benefits and priorities as ours and to take you from the very first steps through the whole investment journey as if you were managing it from your office. 

When you decide to buy property in a foreign country, you mostly need a detailed consultancy, because we know the difficulties of foreign client facing, before, during and after the purchase is complete. Our team will be ready to help you at all steps by providing complete solutions. 



PI will advise you  

PI makes the evaluation of real estate in terms of: 




-Investment capital gain, rental income 

-Legal and technical checks of both the developer and the properties due diligence on each developer. 



PI will give you 

-Free organizing viewing trips 

-Free consultancy for Turkish residency permit 

-Free full-consultancy on the buying process 

-Tax number 

-Tittle deed procedure 

-Opening bank account 

-Legal support 

-Investment guidelines 



PI will take care of you in terms of: 

-Property management services 

-Re-sell and rent property services 

-Architectural advice 

-Furnishing and decorations services